Thursday, June 4, 2009

Salvo's Final Bush Fire Quilts

Thursday was a lovely morning ..
Raining heavily .... The Beautiful sun shinning
Just as we started our meeting...
The Topic was the
Road Trip
the Bush Fire Quilts
are About to travel to their new home's........
are much needed ...
with the cold weather
will be greeted with open arms and smiles
I am sure
I must take my hat off
to all the ladies that have spent hours and hours completing these Quilts ...a big pat on the back to you all.....
18th June we are off on a bus trip
To the Beenleigh Quilt Show
and a couple of fabric shops(of Course) so looking forward to that ....
Quilt on its way

Bush Fire Quilt

Show And Tell

New Banner For The (Salvo's) Temple
Look at all the faces

Danielle's Foundation Blocks

Trish doing Russian Pray Quilt
for the ladies when they go to church in the snow
good on you Trish

Thanks For Visiting


PatchworkRose said...

All those Bushfire quilts look wonderful and I am sure are going to be very much appreciated. Job well done girls. I am sure you had lots of fun and commaraderie making them. Cheers

Dzintra Ingrid said...

Fantastic Girls...well done!!! Just beautiful...they are just going to be so loved♥x

Maree said...

Just Lovely...Thanks for sharing some pics of your fellow stitchers...