Saturday, May 25, 2013

Grannie sewing For Ed & Elia School Fete

The wind is bitter and the weather not nice at all
So great day for stitching
Have just completed 6 table runners for the Fete AT Ed & Elia’s school in November
I am very happy with them…..
Will do more sewing next month

Monday, May 6, 2013

Finisheddd--- & -----So Happy

Not So long ago

  I found out that I have

(2) Great



(1) Great Niece

Well just loving to do a Stash & Slash

Hi ho hi ho its off Fantazia Fabric Tweed Heads to collect material

I am so happy with the Quilts

This morning started to pop each one in the post

All address to each of the Little people so they have a parcel to arrive to them

Very happy with the quilting

The little girls of course butterfly’s

& the boys tools

I was lucky to have Riley (number 2 Grandson) the weekend…. So he help out with the pictures

Well done Riley you are my Star

Friday, May 3, 2013

Who’s That Sleeping In Grannies Bed

A little visitor for the weekend

Leon is now 4 months old

At the end of May he will be going to Japan to visit his other Grandparents

Just for 10 days oh how I will miss them all

 Grannie in the old rocking chair
Peter is a very  happy Daddy

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Victoria (From Sewing Box) Comes To Town

Victoria from The Sewing Box
Made arrangements for a group of about 20 Salvo Gals to a class
We were told to bring old jeans & 5inch material squares & 5inch square wadding…well Victoria had a wonderful machine (dye I think that’s its name )  our jeans went threw and wonderful perfect circles arrive out the other end….. The result at the end of the class
Every one very happy
Mine is going to be a table runner when completed

 TEN P's of Quilting

 Below almost
completed Table Runner