Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy another completed Project…..
This year at the Brisbane craft show ,I literally fell into this stall…..
2 young Girls that go to Japan and bring back gorgeous and very modern fabric…..So different to my usual choice……

Seeing as Dragonfly’s are my favourite…
I just had to purchase this material …First thoughts make cushions covers…..
Every day looking at the material I just couldn't’make up my mind…. so file it away….
Then about 2 weeks ago Place mats came to mind
matching Tea Cosy….
Just thrilled with the completed project….
Now I need to find the card
with the girls address for more fabric…..
Just amazing what they had …….and good to see young girls very passionate about the craft……

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ho Ho HO
That time of the year has arrive & so quick this year I feel………….
Are we getting busier each year and our lives just rush past! Or is someone making the days , weeks, months, shorter! Well today I have taken the day off work…. as I am house bound…..Yes that’s awful …but when the Christmas pudding is cooking ,you just have to stay put and keep topping up the water …. This pudding will be travelling to Christchurch this year as we will be spending Christmas with Kylie John Little Ed & Elia …. The recipe that I use has Stout, Sweet Sherry & Rum Looks and smells delicioussssssssssssssssss

On The Home Run Now

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas is Just around the Corner

Have completed

1 of about 10 UFO"S

About June this Year

my friend (Robyn)

We meet at high school the 1st week ...Still great mates after 40 years

Came for a visit

Always love when she is staying..

We just sew and sew

Shop for fabric

Op Shopping

Don't make beds,only wash up when we run out of china,

Enough of that....you get the picture ..

Well Robyn


to learn

Stash & Slash

I decided to do one also as a T.V. Quilt


Grandson no (1) ED

He just loves Dinosaurs

so the fabric was going to be a hit....

Today I have completed his quilt

Very Happy....

You will notice that a hand in the Quilting

thought it would mix in well

with the Prehistoric creatures....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuesday 1st November
Start time - 9:30am
Tuesday 25th October
Please note:
You are required to bring a hat to decorate on the day
Please bring a plate to share
BYO Alcohol
There will be sweeps & lucky-door prizes throughout the day
See you There

We were off and racing for the Melbourne Cup get together at my house on Tuesday 1st November!!
I must say that it was a fabulous day filled with fun, food and friends!!
There was hat decorating, raffles and sweeps.
We enjoyed hat decorating...With prizes for 1st. 2nd, 3rd and "Showing Potential".
Each lady was given a black bag of bits and pieces to decorate their hats with.
The ladies were so creative with their decorating as you'll see from the photos below...
We ate like queens, talked like there was no tomorrow and had a heap of fun!!
I think we were all more tired than the horses that ran in the Cup