Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy 73rd Birthday To
My Beautiful Mum
(Esther Catherine)

Last night at 11am I finally put the last Strand of wool to mum's blanket..
for her Birthday on Tuesday....
I started just before Christmas ..
being worried that I wouldn't have it completed in time .
this past week I decided not to do any Quilting ..
Just Head Down ...
Mum has been in a nursing home for the Past 8 weeks
she has Dementia...
Tuesday going to visit the Hair Dresser
have her hair Styled..
then will have lunch and a Birthday cake ...must treasured each occasion and visit with mum now
Crocheted Blocks
The Blanket is called
Dutch Treat

Mum age about
(15 years)
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Monday, February 16, 2009

While I was camping at Cotton Tree

(Sunshine Coast)

2 week-ends ago decided to visit the Patchwork Angel .

That's when I found this great pattern

(Blackbird Pie )

and its done in Drunkards Path Blocks

which was new to me also.....

what the heck...

I am game ...

I will give it a go

So back at the camp site............

as I had my cutting mat and cutter....

cut the whole top out when I arrived home ...I would set to sewing .........

This is my pile of blocks....

all pinned &ready to go

End of the day...

Quilt placed on the floor happy with the arrangement of colours



look in the middle 2 blocks short

I purchased this as a layer cake... it contains 40 pieces of fabric and I need 42

This is me now...................

But I am over it ...

and looking for fabric to complete the Quilt

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Salvo's Thursday Report

Today's topic was the bush Fire victims in Victoria ...
All the ladies have decided to do a 12 - 1/2 inch block... to their own choice

(2) each if they can manage..

that will bring at least 120 blocks and they will be made up into quilts..................
( that will be a very busy working bee that day)

when completed they will be donated....... so family's will have a cuddle Quilt......what a great idea ......
Show and Tell

was great also today
I am itching to do a Black And White Quilt

and today two were shown ..

This cushion has been embroidered on a machine

Show And Tell

Hand Beaded on felt

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Thursday 5th February
At the salvos
we all gathered around excited.... waiting for instructions to start the 1st Project for 2009
(Howzat Quilt)
Our teacher Sandra ....decided that we would have morning tea ......and then get down to business....
Morning tea is supplied by ladies that have arrange the week before ...I thought that I was at a cooking competition goodness all the cakes ....

Look at this Beautiful Quilt above
I thought it was chenille work ....It is knitted

Show And Tell
Show and Tell

In the afternoon 12 new ladies join us which was really exciting and they all seem to be a nice group of women.
The Quilts above....
on display for the new ladies to view....
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