Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rain Rain Wont Go Away
After Spending a few days on the
Sunshine Coast
(Rain Coast)
We were up early driving
The Manley Mountains
we go towards
I Must say how Beautiful and Green
the country side is looking....
All the Dams are full
Back to the Drive....
The fog and Rain for the next 2 hours ...
I just sat very a little church mouse.....
sweating and praying....
While Husband Dear was driving....
I think it's very important to have full attention..
Driving in these conditions....
As we arrive at the Wivenhoe Dam what a sight....
Water was being released...
It look just like a giant water fall
Very Impressive
I then decided to
Take a few photographs of the River Down Stream..
Watching the water moving so fast..thinking if you fell in
that would be the end ......

The Water was Traveling so Fast
Down Stream
Hope The Sign Doesn't Blow Away
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Monday, December 13, 2010

1st Night
at Grannie's Farm
Harry's Weekend Away

Let me tell you all about Harry!!!!!!

Riley number 2 grandson's Preschool

have this little bear HARRY

each child has a turn taking him home for the weekend.....
And he is to be included in the family's activity
then a page of photo's & story returns back with Harry on Monday Morning
in the scrap book for the next child
Please enjoy Harry's week-end at the farm

Harry riding

Just before morning tea

on our way to Kingaroy

Our Morning Tea Stop

After Day out --Watering Grannies Plants

Harry Having A Bush Bath

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jeni Natalie & Yuka Day

I always look forward to having a day out with these two Gals

Each Trip is a adventure

On this day we started by going to Inala (Brisbane )

To the Asian fish markets.

So fresh and the prices are so low compared to the Gold Coast.

We then arrive at

Paddington a Inner Suburb of (Brisbane)

To Have a look at Antique Shops.


was like going back to the 50's

Time was much more simple

Not so Rush, Hustle and Bustle in those days

Hope you enjoy the photos and much as I did

Look at the Telephone

Hand Bag

I Wish I had One of These Mix Master Today

Great Looking Hats

Me (Jeni)

And The Model

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Well I did it
Couldn't wait until
I am so excited with my gifts
A big Thank you
From Jeni
Such Beautiful
I will be making coffee
taking this beautiful book to bed to
Thanks For Visiting

Terrific Thursday
Lunch at Maree's
Alison also arrive with Maree's Secret Santa Swap.....
How's that for Service!!!!!
We spent a few hours talking and laughing ,it was a lovely day.
To top off the day ..when I arrived home
The postie had my Secret Santa Swap from Jenny
I am finding it very difficult
opening the pressie's
I am at work and arrive back home on Monday
which gives me no looking....
Just cant help myself when it comes to wrap gifts
Need to know whats inside...
Hope everyone is enjoying the swap and very big thanks to

Sorry Jenny,Maree & Alison
can't remember
how to add link to your name
Thanks For Visiting