Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday B-B-Q

On Tuesday will be my 5-th Birthday


Natalie arranges a lovely get together...

Peter my (son)


Daughter-In-Law (Yuka)

Will be flying off to Japan for 3 weeks

on Wednesday

So we celebrated Sunday

As I arrived Grandson number (2) Riley

had the bubble machine going.....

What beautiful bubbles they were.....

Lisa was at the B-B-Q and the smell was very inviting...

Friends Jane Tim & Athena arrive with a beautiful Orchard....

So now I will be busy taking care it will survive.....

Mum Dad & Noel then arrive

Then Peter & Yuka

My Beautiful Cake was made by Peter & Yuka

Riley gave me a bag of goodies that he pick all by himself....

A Barrel of Monkeys


A Coca Cola Yo Yo

After the beautiful lunch Natalie decided

that we will play games...

Remember Musical Chairs (What Fun)

I really think they let me win..... as it was my day


Pass The Parcel

and then

Barrel Of Monkeys

When the day ended all went home very Sleepy

Riley & The Bubble Machine My Lovely Cake
Yummy Salads


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

cool spread there jeni...have a great birthday...i love them...except that we get older every time...good month april...mine is then too!!! hugs, dzintra

BubzRugz said...

Happy Birthday... and welcome to the Big5club.... looks like a lot of fun with your special family

Maree: said...

Happy Birthday for Tuesday...looked like a Great Day all round.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! It was a really lovely day with beautiful friends and family x x x

Scottish Nanna said...

Today Is The Day Happy Birthday Jeni I hope you have A special Day.
Hugs Nanna.xx