Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Easter Mystery Trip To Christchurch

Tuesday 19th April
Wayne & I …excited to leave work and head off to Brisbane International Airport to spend time with Kylie John Ed & Elia
For Easter
Will arrive midnight have a little sleep…. and then all the family will head to Christchurch Airport and then off to Queenstown for 4 days and back to Christchurch Easter lunch time …….
Well this is where it changes…………
We (Wayne & Jeni Me) arrive at Brisbane Airport ….sitting waiting for Air New Zealand to open so we can book in …waiting waiting waiting… Wayne said I think I will have a little look and see what’s happening…..

Came back and said cant see anyone…..So I decided to go and see…
In the distance Air New Zealand Customer service.
I could see a attendant behind the counter …so I decided to go and visit her ….
I asked if our booking was about to open!!!!!! She had a look…… and then very quietly she said I am sorry this flight left last night……………well you can imagine the blood just drain straight out of my body…..husband looking very like a heart attack happening over our luggage ……


She arranged a flight to Auckland didn’t get into midnight and then we went to a Airport hotel for 3 hours and then back to Airport to catch a plane to Christchurch by 6am to meet the family and then onto another plane for our Break in Queenstown
(Yahoo) I thought it is still going to happen….

Had A great few days

Day 1
Trip by Old Steam Boat to a farm
Watching sheep sheering
Dogs rounding sheep
And a beautiful Morning tea made on the premises
On trip back by boat to Queenstown a lady played the piano ….and we all had a sing-a-long
It was just lovely

Day 2
Family Gondola & Luge Ride
That was fun for all the kids young and old

Day 3
Quilt show was on in The town
So I had to really go and have a look
And that was great viewing

The kid lets were so excited that Easter bunny had found them

Day 5
I have been keeping in touch with a blogger from Christchurch …and we decided to meet
It was a lovely couple of hours thanks Barbara.....
Much to Barbara’s family and my family telling us that you shouldn't’t meet people over the Internet …..and how dangerous it could be………..
I think that in many years to come we will sit back and laugh we became friends!!!!!!!

And then (Yesterday Tuesday)
Time to go home up at 4.30am to be at Air Port
By 6am
Said bye to our daughter Kylie
Went straight up to Air New Zealand to book in
And the Attendant said your plane is just backing out………….I cant Believe it ……… Back to The Customer Service desk ……………..Sent us to Wellington and then from Wellington Brisbane
All I can say is how Air New Zealand are so helpful

yes I have to much on my mind
I am losing it

Arriving at the farm

The Morning tea

The changing of the colours in the leaves

Little Elia feeling the wool

This is looking out our
how close is the plane to the mountains

The view from our room

Kylie & Elia on Luge ride

John & Elia

Wayne (poppy & Elia )

Easter Bunny Found us

Jeni & Barbra
my Blogging friend


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

wow jeni what a time you have had...and can't believe the flights but at least you got there safely!!!

Barb said...

Oh....your pictures are just awesome....glad you had a fun time!