Sunday, May 22, 2011

4 Day
Sewing Retreat
Thursday Morning
On the Road

Early Eager to start our sewing & Craft Projects …
You know ladies the ones you start and just never Finish
Thursday Afternoon
After a cuppa and lunch We were into our first unfinished
I have a table runner ....
that has been sitting around for about twelve months
guess what
by 10.30pm that night finished…..
So happy
My friend is beading little felt birds
and she is
Almost done.
Lot of hours go into them.

Friday Decided to go to Lowood for a drive
what a lovely old town …
People very Friendly
This is one of the towns that the Floods went through…
The people just pick them selves back up and go forward …
The stories that we heard were heart wrenching……
Friday Afternoon
I have another table runner
No photo as you guess right not completed but spent until 11pm that night ohhhhhhhhhh so sleepy …..
Saturday Ipswich markets
well I was so surprised the beautiful craft stalls……..
We are hoping to go back and do a Heritage trail tour ……..
Saturday Night

Started a water bottle carrier and Guess what Finished
Saturday Night
also Completed paper shoes And now they are ready to dress with shredded cellophane
place chocolates in for gifts
My Friend Pat
has taken to oil painting in the last 2 years
and boy the hours go by doing that
Well we had a great weekend
completed projects
so all very happy

My Friend Pat has taken to Painting this year

Spotlight Ipswich

Paper Shoes that I finished These will be Gifts Filled with Chocolates

Water bottle carrier


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Jeni...good on you for the finished projects...and I want to make that bottle carrier too!!! Dzintra

BubzRugz said...

Hi Jeni... you've been doing lots.... the water bottle carrier is great...

Aunty Bee said...

Sounds like a wonderful retreat, finishing UFO's and shopping, heaven.

Cheryll said...

I'm a new follower.. and your blog is full of interesting things. I just LoVe the quilt in your header... its fantastic.. I bet you are proud of that one! Cheers :)

Val said...

Lots happening at the retreat. Love the water bottle carrier. I adore the quilt in your header photo!