Sunday, May 10, 2009

Salvos Thursday 7th May
We did have a lot to
celebrate today
First of all the Baby of our group Danielle turn 40
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to be that age ...
Happy Birthday Danielle
Also half and I say half
of the bush fire quilts are completed.....
It takes your breath away when you see all the quilts together...
and soon will be on their way.....
to a loving home.....
We were told that 7 orphan children
will be visiting
and they will be given there Quilts ....
I would love to see
the looks on the little faces.....
Well done
to all that took part in this adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bush Fire Quilts

Bush Fire Quilts

Bush Fire Quilts

Helen's Chef Quilt

Jeni's (Me) Quilt
Travelling Christmas Table Cloth

Look this is a panel
Looks Great
Thanks For Visiting


Barb said...

That is awesome!!! Love your quilt you have for your blog page.

Dzintra Ingrid said... gorgeous are these...and how so very generous of everybody involved...I'm sure the children will just treausre them.
Happy Birthday Danielle...hip hip hooray!!! And yes 40 is a great age I agree!!!
Jeni I love the Chef's Quilt...wonder if there is a pattern for this and where the fabric came from? I would love one seeing I am doing that cookery course (on my side bar...I started a new blog for it all)
Have a lovely Mothers Day...Dzintra ♥x

Joy said...

Oh Jeni, look at all those fabulous quilts for the bush fire victims!! Your group should be so proud ... well done!! I'm sure whoever receives them will be so pleased :o).
Joy :o)

Maree said...

Great Job.!! All those Quilts look does Yours...

Anonymous said...

What a great project! You are so clever and so generous! :)
Love Lisa