Thursday, January 29, 2009

Morning Tea With The Salvo's

A gathering of around 45 women turn up for Morning Tea... .
(At the Salvation Army Southport.)
we all sat around in a large square and the teacher Sandra ..
started by welcoming each of us.... then we all took a turn talking about our Christmas break...&.... what we had archived sewing wise as well (ha ha lol) ...
Well I tell you ..... Sad Stories & Happy stories ....Laughter & Tears.....but what a great way to start the year .. this picture below is our first project starting next Thursday with our choice of colours ...I cant wait to see all the finished Quilts and mine of course...

The photos below
are from last year
The Salvation Army have (The Blessing Of The Quilters)
people bring their Quilts
and tell the story... and then at the end have ...
A Blessing
then the biggest Morning tea
Below Teacher Sandra holding Quilt on right

Thank You For Visiting


Amy said...

the quilts are gorgeous!! please share pictures of your quilt in progress.Ozzy and kelly are still on the playlist I moved them on the list, some days I rearrange them.. I am crazy like that,have a great day,amy

Maree said...

WOW.!! Jen can't wait to see what fabrics you are going to use in this has some Great Blocks in it...Have Fun!!..Glad your Morning Tea went well Today..

Shorts said...

Those quits are great. What colours are you doing? Mint green and pink!!

clare said...

Good company , laughter and sewing , what more could a girl want .
clares craftroom

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

Wow how wonderful is this!!! A fabulous idea...It's going to be great to watch your progress...Dzintra

Cheryl said...

What wonderful, wonderful quilts. Thanks for sharing them with us, and for the nice comment on my blog!!