Monday, September 5, 2011

Cup--- A--- Tea--- Anyone

Last week I decided to have a break from sewing

And went to my wool stash…

which isn’t anything like my fabric I must say…

A friend is having a special birthday in about 3 weeks..

Thought it might be nice to do a breakfast set..

2 Place Mats later

I Tea Cosy

And to finish of with some home made biscuits and Herb Tea

Just wonderful...

Well then I decided to make myself a pink tea cosy..

It is so hard to find a tea pot ...

mine is displaying the cosy's

But I went into

Big W


The Warehouse

Crazy prices

Cole’s supermarkets

Woolworth’s supermarkets

When I ask

The Shop


Her or His Answer

Don’t you use Tea Bags?

So keep looking

As I have a few weeks