Monday, January 24, 2011

No Worries Mum
Easy Peasy
First Day
to School
Number 2 Grandson
Found it very easy I think!!!!!
No Crying
Just Straight to the activities table
How funny...
you think will he cry!!!!!... will he stay....!!!!!
You can never tell with Kids...
What a great day Riley had....
Very Eager
Activities Table
Not a worry in the world
I just love this poster
Bye Grannie
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jo's Seagars
Cafe & Cook School
How Lucky am I
while in New Zealand,
Meeting Jo
She is a very well known Cook
At Oxford

( North Canterbury)
just 45 minutes
from Christchurch
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flaxmere Garden
North Canterbury
New Zealand
Garden of Penny Zino
Selected by the New Zealand Garden Trust
as a Garden of National Significance
Age.... House built in 1890 2 eyes and a nose facing east. Altered in 1973.
John and Penny came here in 1936 to a mass of trees willow prunus pines and macrocarpas all to within 3 meters of the house,all had to be cleared and in doing so they completely exposed to the wind ...nothing between them and the southern Alps! It takes at least a generation to have shelter again.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Break
Kylie John Ed & Elia
As we leave the wet weather behind in Brisbane
was nice to arrive in
NZ (Christchurch to a windy but dry day)
After our first night...up early and on our way camping ...
Just 45 minutes up the road ...but you really feel the beautiful
just 5 minutes out of the City
We (mum & dad)
slept in a very comfortable self contain Cabin...
The tent was just outside our door
each morning ED & Elia
would come in and have breakfast...
so lovely to see little faces....when you awake ..
Day 1
Putting up what they call a Flick up Tent
And then off on a Train ride around the mountains ...
Usually it's a Stream Train
with all the heat and wind's it was cancelled and the Normal Train was used
most enjoyable

The view from the Train
Just Starting
Kylie (Daughter)
Holding Flick Up Tent
When I was a Little Girl
My Father had a Zephyr
but pink
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