Monday, October 18, 2010

Day Off...
Not Raining at this moment....
Think I will spend the morning in my sewing room decided to make this Door Stopper
With in a few hours completed....... Yahoo
I am doing the Happy Dance ...
only a few Showers....Here on and Off...
Still Windy...
Washing Dry ....Productive Day all Round
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Look Who's 35
Natalie Jennifer
"What a living Doll"
Its hard to think that I have a 35 year old child...
Still a little girl to me ...So cute
Natalie likes Blue we had a
Blue Princess Party...........

Natalie. Me & Number 2 Grandson
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Southport Sea Way
Very Wild
Gold Coast Southport

Sea Way Tower
Hopefully no person ventured out in this weather
Which would have made the Towers Job Unpleasant

Channel 7 News Out looking for Pictures

My Baby Boy Peter
was 30
on Thursday
Peter said lets have a family get together
So The Sheraton Gold Coast
It Was
.....What a awful Day outside.... But when all the family....
Are together
doesn't really matter what the weather is doing !!!!

My Goodness these "I Pod's" are great.....
Never heard a word all meal time from Riley...
But he did have to eat his Lunch First
Look at his little face
My Favourite Prawns
Just Love Sweets..but then I love Food

Uncle Peter With Riley

Wedding transfer inside....

The weather not the best for the Bride & Groom
But a wonderful day.. would have been Celebrated
So Pretty
Fresh Flower Pedals
Sweet Smelling as we were walking past
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fire Fire
Look at this pretty 1957 Dodge Lady
Last week she arrive at our work shop needing a little make over
if only this old Girl to talk

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Ho Ho Ho
Been so busy this year clearing bush.. Renewing the our little farm at (Esk)
.....but always ....
with a eye looking for the uninvited Sammy (Snake)
Taming Mr Hairy Bottom (The Possum) I think was so cute........he arrives the same time each night....How reliable is that........ and I think he likes my dinners that I leave............ Guess I have a whole colony of Possum's.......... A very good friend said
" Jeni you will be unhappy when they are tap dancing on the roof....."
And Last weekend
Freda the (Frog) was singing her heart out all hours of the night......
Getting back to
Ho Ho Ho
Decided last week that I need to start sorting Christmas Gifts so here are the first 3 shopping bags ....So Pretty

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